A large part of what we do is inspired by what sort of world we would like to contribute to. The quote 'every dollar you spend is a vote towards a world in which you want to live in' is what we are all about. It is important to us to support an eco friendly and aware future and to create a compassionate and supportive community. Our aim is to create a sustainable business by creating as little waste as possible from start to finish.
- All our packages are packed with minimal wastage. All paper used in the packaging is also 100% recycled and the stickers and tape are compostable. 
- All packages are sent with Sendle, an Australian-based courier which offers a fully carbon neutral delivery service.
- All our Empowering Prints and Affirmation Cards are printed by The Sustainable Printing Co on 100% recycled paper that can be recycled again and also helps to support local Melbourne businesses.
- Currently our Alphabet Letter Prints and Little Dreamer Girl Prints are not on recycled paper due to quick turnaround printing times however we are working on a way to change this!